About Us

Here's Why You Can Count on StyrLite Home Care

Find out about our home healthcare company based in Buffalo, NY

When you're hiring professionals to help your family, you need to know they're trustworthy. StyrLite Home Care is a reliable name in the Buffalo, NY area. Our home healthcare company serves seniors, those with physical disabilities and those with mental disabilities.

When providing hands-on home healthcare services, we:

  • Can draw on over 15 years of experience
  • Use skills we learned during state certification
  • Bring a compassionate approach to our work
You can rest assured that your family member will get excellent care when we're on the job. To speak with a member of our team, call 716-479-7115 now.

Our core value

Our home healthcare company holds compassion as the value closest to our hearts. Whether we're helping your loved one prepare a meal or taking them to a medical appointment, we'll provide comfort and companionship. Consult with us right away about the home healthcare services your family needs.